• Kelly Byrne

Product Spotlight - Calendula & Aloe Vera Infused Olive Oil

One of our most popular products is our Calendula & Aloe Vera Infused Olive Oil. It is also our favourite. We have a bottle in just about every room in the house and my daughter loves to call it her "magic oil".

Calendula & Aloe Vera Oil is classified as infused oil as the plant material is soaked in oil for a minimum of 6 weeks before being strained and the material removed leaving oil with the properties of the plant.

We first heard about Calendula Oil when our daughter was a baby (she is 10 now) and she had a bad nappy rash. The calendula oil soothed and cleared the rash within hours. We fell in love with it and starting researching. We decided to add infused Aloe Vera to it and haven't looked back.

We have found this oil to be beneficial to many skin conditions such as sunburn, cuts and scrapes, nappy rash, other skin rashes, dry skin, & insect bites, For some people it can help to soothe eczema symptoms. A few drops in the bath are ideal to soak the whole body and it is gentle enough for babies, children and people with sensitive skin.

Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist with sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions, and is ideal as a face and body moisturiser.

Aloe Vera is also a skin moisturiser and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that can assist with wound recovery and skin irritations.

Olive Oil is also very moisturising for your skin and can also assist with skin irritations.

Together they produce a beautiful, golden oil ideal for your skin. This oil can also be used as a base oil with essential oils for massage. When using essential oils be aware that the product will have a shorter life span depending on the essential oil used. Generally the oil on its own will last for about a year depending on storage. It is always ideal to store in a cool, dry place.

Apply and massage into skin as often as required. Grab a bottle today!

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