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Who are we?

Welcome to our site and the first blog post in what will hopefully be plenty more. Gently Does It is run by Kelly Byrne and Don Foster. We are based on the South Coast of NSW and attend local markets when we can. We work well together with Kelly handling most of the computer work, labelling, paperwork and throwing a few suggestions out, while Don handles the practical side of making the soaps and all other products you find. Our daughter, Lily, is a great help with labelling and coming to markets.

Don & Lily at a local market.

We starting making soap about 5 years ago as it looked like an interesting thing to do. We started with Melt and Pour but felt we could do better starting from scratch. We decided making soap from scratch with the Cold Process method was the way to go and after some trial and error (and a few dodgy batches!) we got the hang of it and now produce beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) natural soap. We prefer to use only essential oils, clays and other botanicals; and avoid synthetic fragrances and colours. We use Olive Oil as the base and sometimes add Shea Butter, but we do not use Palm oil. Some of the other products we produce are Lip balms, body butters, Calendula & Aloe Vera infused Olive Oil with more products in the works.

If you have a particular request for a soap or body products, let us know and we will see what we can do. We supply a few B & B's with our small guest soaps and have supplied soaps for Bridal showers, & Weddings. We can work with you to your specifications.

Since starting our soap making journey we have become fascinated with every aspect and hope to share some of our discoveries and articles of interest on this blog. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message.

Until next time.

Kelly, Don & Lily

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