Our oil is made by soaking Calendula flowers and Aloe Vera in Olive Oil for a period of time before straining and leaving behind a beautiful oil that can help with a variety of skin conditions.


Assists with skin conditions such as burns, cuts, rashes, nappy rash, acne, scars and insect bites. Ideal as a face and body moisturiser. Gentle for babies, children and sensitive skin. Can be used as a base oil with essential oils for massage.


We first discovered this product when our daughter was a baby and it cleared her nappy rash very fast. Since then, many people have told us how it has been helpful for their own skin problems such as relieving sunburn and not peeling to easing the itch of insect bites. Such a versatile product.


Apply and massage into skin as often as required. A little goes a long way! 

Calendula & Aloe Vera Infused Olive Oil